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Let every departure become an expectation

Life is a playground, we should all take a look. The park's kingfisher humming, the playground's morning breeze... Don't wait, let the No. 9 balance car become your wing, and set off now! Stepping on it immediately feels the magic of technology, it can automatically help you to maintain balance, a thought body can lean forward with a little forward. High performance, advanced control algorithms, numerous sensors and high-performance processors make it flexible and easy to drive, easily responding to common road conditions, and driving distances of up to 22km [1] can make you enjoy yourself. The sense of control of the car with the heart, the sense of speed of flying, all these wonderful feelings, let you look forward to the next departure.

  • 3 minutes
    Learn to ride  
  • 4 times
    Walking speed  
  • 15 degrees
    Steep slopes are unobstructed  
  • 22 Km
    Long mileage

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